Eric Clopper
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Eric Clopper
Carson Beach
March 25, 2018

I Have Haters Now!

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So, it's March 25th, and I'm shooting this video at Carson Beach in South Boston.

Now, I lived in South Boston for a couple years, and I frequented this beach often. I would read, meditate, cogitate, whatnot. So it was a big part of this upcoming performance, in terms of personal development, research, just writing.

But, few things have happened. I've had a busy weekend, but I'm back now, ready to promote my talk on May 1st. What I've come to realize is, I'm starting to get haters now. Which is awesome! I cannot emphasize that you haven't even begun to hate me. The things I have to say are so accurate.

Now, you see all these things in the news, which is great. The high school students protesting the NRA's death hold on this country, among other things. It's very evident that what we are doing right now is not working. So I will be introducing a new paradigm on May 1st.

And I warn you, my paradigm is so frighteningly accurate. It is so accurate. There is no escaping my thesis.

It is so fucking funny. Oh, my God, you are going to love it so much! Oh, my God! It is unreal. It is unreal. And when you are in Sanders Theater asking, "Is this really happening?" Yes, this is happening. This is real life, and you are seeing it live.

Now, I will give this talk at every university in this country if I have to. I don't think it will come to that, but ... man, you cannot miss this talk.

From now until May 1st, I'll be releasing other update videos; what I'm working on, why you must attend. Why you will see it no matter what. But just wanted to get this brief one out there, and expect more videos in the coming days. Thank you for your time.






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