Eric Clopper
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Eric Clopper
World Stem Cell Summit
December 7, 2016
West Palm Beach

Clopper Presents Foregen at World Stem Cell Summit 2016

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Eric Clopper:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Eric Clopper, and I'm the spokesman of Foregen.

Now what does that tagline mean? "Promoting genital integrity through regenerative medicine."

Well what we do at Foregen is we're a seed stage regenerative medicine company adapting the latest advances in the field of regenerative medicine to regenerate the only body part that one in three Americans are missing, over 120 million American men, and over 600 hundred million men worldwide which is the male foreskin to restore natural form, feeling, and sexual function to circumcised men.

So, yes, I'm going to be talking about foreskins and circumcision. Don't get squeamish. I've been doing this for a while now whether at the World Stem Cell Summit last year, at various events, sexual education conferences, podcasts, interviews, documentaries, and so on, and at least to my knowledge everyone has survived my presentation so far. Sometimes they even applaud at the end. So relax.

Now the overarching question I'd like for you to keep in mind during my presentation is, if this body part that over 100 million Americans are missing, over 600 million men in the world are missing, which is objectively a large part of the male reproductive organ, which has evolved over millions of years and shared by every single mammal on this planet, "If this body part has value that would present an enormous market opportunity for regenerative medicine, would it not?"

Keep that question in mind moving forward.

The example I like to use to explain the problem is one that everyone can very easily grasp.

See when I was growing up I played a lot of sports and I was usually pretty decent, but there was one notable exception, which was baseball. Now to the despair of my little league team I managed to bat a zero for two consecutive years. I had no idea why I was so bad. What I eventually discovered was the reason I was so bad was I couldn't see the ball because I had impaired vision. However, once I corrected my vision with glasses or contacts, I once again regained my entire vision and was once again a contender on the baseball field.

See, everyone here can very easily grasp the concept of impaired vision, but grasping the concept of impaired sexuality is far more difficult because we don't talk about it as much.

I'm sure most of us have had mundane conversations about eyesight and corrective lenses, but how many of us, and you can raise your hands if you'd like, have had in depth conversations about how much pleasure and where we receive it in our penises? Probably none of us is my guess.

However in a 2007 study in The Journal of Urology they did exactly that and what they found was the most sensitive part of a circumcised penis was along the circumcision scar line, where the foreskin was cut off, whereas the most sensitive part of an uncircumcised -- or more appropriately named intact penis -- was the entirety of the foreskin which makes sense because that's where most of the nerve endings are concentrated.

It's important to know this to understand circumcision... For almost the entire history either religiously or medically circumcision was done as a sexual punishment meant to inflict pain on the recipient and remove as much sexual pleasure as possible without removing the ability to procreate.

That is circumcision's original purpose. Our culture has changed [so that is no longer a selling point], but that's necessary to understand.

And when I've talked with men who've been circumcised in adulthood, who've had the luxury of both impaired and entire sexual feeling, they said sex without a foreskin is like eating food without being able to taste it. Which makes sense because they don't have the sensory tissue necessary to experience sexual intercourse as they once used to, but a man who was circumcised as a child doesn't have the proper reference frame to understand what he's missing.

A man's sexuality isn't determined simply by the quantity or range of sexual nerve endings in his penis, but it is true that a circumcised man loses huge swaths of his sexuality along with his foreskin. But the foreskin's responsible for far more than just sensual input. There are sensual functions of human sexuality that are intrinsic to the foreskin which is why it has evolved to be part of our reproductive organ. By definition, at least to a certain extent, a circumcised man is sexually dysfunctional because he does not have the functions of the foreskin.

Now these sensitivity diagrams are great, but let me be even more explicit.

What exactly is the foreskin?

Now this is a great question.

Most Americans have no idea. I had no idea for two decades, and as crazy as it sounds (and it most definitely is crazy) most medical professionals I've spoken to in this country from general practitioners to prestigious surgeons don't understand basic penile anatomy and function, and the reason physicians in this country don't understand basic penile anatomy and function is because they grew up in the age of mass circumcision with rates as high as 90%. Meaning they never had a foreskin, never saw a foreskin, and studied from medical textbooks that omitted the foreskin as if it's not part of the penis.

Now this is truly mind blowing. I need you to grasp this reality to understand my presentation. It is a reality that would make Orwell himself shudder! A human body part, a human body part of great sexual value, has been censored out of the public's consciousness. This is a direct result of growing up in a genital cutting culture like the United States.

Reality can often be quite discomforting and this is a prime example. So let me clear up the misconceptions. On the adult male the average foreskin is 12 to 15 square inches and composed one third to one half of the entire surface area. It's composed of these four major anatomical parts. I actually happen to have one here with me. [Clopper takes model foreskin out of pocket.]

No, don't worry. It's just a model.

But how it works is we have the outer foreskin which is just a continuation of the shaft skin which covers the head of the penis keeping it sensitive throughout life. We have the inner foreskin much like the inner mucosa of your mouth. We have the frenulum which is a highly sensitive tethering structure, and then we have the ridged band also known as the lips of the foreskin because like the lips of the face the lips of the foreskin provide transition from skin to inner mucosa. And,

like the lips of the face, the lips of the foreskin are densely innervated with approximately 10 to 20 thousand fine touch nerve endings also making this known as the male G spot.

If you ever wonder why ribbed condoms exist they're trying to recreate what every man comes with standard issue. These ridges evolved to simulate the female inner labia and G spot. An intact penis is far superior to simulating the woman than a circumcised one.

The foreskin is also responsible for all the natural mobility, lubrication, and sensitivity preserving functions the penis evolved to have.

Now I realize that it is not immediately obvious that this butterfly shape is a foreskin. So if you take a look at this composite it shows how it's a bi layer tissue that wraps around the head of the penis.

Now I've been talking very quickly about a topic that probably none of you have heard about before. So to summarize the function of the foreskin...

the foreskin's responsible for most of the sensation, all the natural mobility, lubrication, and sensitivity preserving functions, and lest we forget to simulate the female as well, and the major problems Foregen's addressing by regenerating this tissue is 1) a major sensory deficit. Now if you live your life without a foreskin you will never know what sex is supposed to feel like because you physically lack the anatomy to do so. Just as you can never fully appreciate a kiss if your lips are amputated. So, too, could you never fully appreciate sexual intercourse if your foreskin is amputated.

Now this unfortunate reality explains why some men vehemently defend their circumcisions because they're not psychologically prepared to deal with this loss. A well meaning doctor actually attacked me today, a very nice person, at lunch because I shared this information with him (because he asked for it).

We're also dealing with any sexual and or erectile dysfunction that results from circumcision. Now it's a common observation that circumcised men often times rely on personal lubricant for intercourse and or masturbation. Which is imposed sexual handicap necessary for them because the parts of their body that deal with natural mobility and lubrication have been cut off. A normal penis has moving parts.

There's also been numerous studies linking circumcision with higher rates of erectile dysfunction and sexual dissatisfaction making this a very promising market to address.

Finally, pain is woman's number one complaint in intercourse in this country, and the reason is women in the US are engaging in intercourse with men who do not have the penises they are supposed to have. Women have evolved to be stimulated by the nonabrasive pressure of the males erectile body sliding in and out of the foreskin not the friction of an immobile circumcised penis which has never and will never exist in nature.

Now to remove a massive amount of form from the penis and expect not to affect its function is simply naïve. And it exhibits fundamental misunderstandings of both Biology 101 and the history of circumcision, 99% of which was an outspoken attempt to control, repress, and cripple male sexuality. Only in the US where we have the highest rates of STDs in any developed nation is it ostensibly done for "medical reasons." Also only in the United States are there multiple billion-dollar industries that rely on circumcision.

Now it's likely if you were circumcised in the US, an American hospital has harvested large portions of your genitalia to sell to companies to make a huge profit and the most insidious part of it all is... if it was done at a young age, you internalize the false belief that your penis is normal when in fact you are missing massive amounts of form and function forever until a regenerative therapy can be developed to address those losses, which is exactly where Foregen comes in.

I've been talking very fast so I apologize, but we only have 12 minutes. So like other organizations we're starting with an extracellular mold seeding it with the proper cells to get that regenerated body part. Now there are two ways to do this. the cadaveric and manufactured method. We're starting with the cadaveric because it's easiest to market, but down the line we'll explore how to manufacture these molds.

Now we've already developed extracellular animal foreskin molds. We're finalizing our method of developing extracellular human foreskin molds that maintain their structural integrity. You can see our preliminary work at our poster session. In the coming months we're working to patent this method and publish in a peer-review journal.

Our scientific team is lead by Dr. Elena Bondioli who has many dozens of publications in this area and over 10 years of research in decellularizing and regenerating tissues for clinical applications which is the same fundamental process that Foregen's success relies upon. We're also assisted by her lead biotechnologist who also has her PhD in applied regenerative therapies.

Foregen is led by a team of fellow visionaries, tissue engineers, artists, attorneys, physicians, and other professionals. We're assisted by a scientific advisory board of two plastic surgeons, a pathologist who specializes in the harm of genital cutting, and a senior research technologist. We're open to welcoming new investors and new partners on our management team as we continue to grow over the years.

This is not a fringe issue. This is an issue that intimately affects most Americans. We've been covered by these major news organizations alone when they got wind of our work and the reason is circumcised men have been wondering, literally for millennia, why their penises look and function differently than most men in the world.

In 2017 alone there are three feature-length documentaries coming out featuring major physicians, celebrities, bioethicists, professors, attorneys, and more covering genital cutting in the United States.

Whether Foregen exists or not this is going to be the human rights violation of the 21st century, and the sexual damage that has been done to over 100 million men in this country will come to light despite the relentless attempts of the medical American community to cover up its mistakes.

On my last slide we have a business plan summarized. Assuming we're fully funded we expect we could develop our regenerative therapy by 2021 or so and IPO if that's deemed in our best interest. Right now, after crowdfunding a few hundred thousand, we're looking to raise a million dollars of professional investment to finish our first two phases in development.

Now we have access to state-of-the-art labs, state-of-the-art talent, and we're working on solving a problem that intimately affects almost every American by developing a solution to what will become the American medical field's greatest shame. You'll be investing in more than just an A-list team with an A-list idea. You'd be investing in a cultural and sexual evolution in our species' consciousness.

It takes a very forward looking individual to see our vision because it's not here yet, but we're on the precipice and part of the difficulty of seeing our vision, especially for investors who tend to be older, is the older you get the more susceptible you become to the delusion that all genital-cutting cultures suffer from, which is the delusion that a generally cut individual is in any way normal or healthier than his or her intact counterpart.

Now, I'm very fortunate to be speaking at the World Stem Cell Summit here where everyone is very analytically minded, but speaking in generational generalities...

the current generation of adults literally lives in this delusion that what they have is a penis when the truth is what they have is only part of their penis and they suffer from sexual dysfunction because of it, but because their sexual dysfunction is normalized across their peers they can convince or delude themselves that they have full sexual function which is simply untrue.

Now my current generation of millennials is so much skeptical of the merits of genital cutting, as they should be, and I observe this when my peer group asks me about it because they know that I own this topic. However, whether Foregen gets an investment now or in a few years there's no delaying the inevitable. This is what's going to happen.

Circumcision rates have dropped to 50% in this country. Meaning the upcoming generation of boys, who are becoming men and entering their sexuality, they're not going to be able to believe that their abnormality of being circumcised and the sexual dysfunction that results is in any way normal because they won't be able to engage in the type of mass delusion that previous generations of Americans have had the luxury of doing because large numbers of their peer group will be intact, will have full sexual function, and everyone will have easy access to the internet to confirm what I'm saying.

There will be countless millions of young American men who will understand the full extent of what has been taken from them. They will understand that the fundamental human right to bodily integrity has been violated by what was an extremely violent sexual assault masked in medical jargon and as a result they've had huge portions of their genitalia harvested and huge swaths of their sexuality stolen. For what? So the current generation of adults can continue to convince themselves that their impaired version of sexuality is normal by imposing their delusion of what the penis should be on their children?

Now I understand circumcision largely continues because of inertial ignorance from parents, and more embarrassingly medical professionals, but those who persist in advocating who should or do know this information do so because there's a lot of money in it, they're protecting liability or they need to justify either a religious blood sacrifice or their own impaired sexuality.

As Americans we can look at cultures that circumcise their females and say "Oh they're barbaric." I'm here to tell you the rest of the world looks at the United States and considers us barbaric for circumcising our baby boys, and they're right! When this epiphany hits our youth, and make no mistake I will ensure that this happens, there will be real grief on a mass scale and a demand for answers.

Now a regenerative therapy... repairing the physical and sexual damage with the regenerative therapy can't repair all the psychosexual trauma that results, but it's a huge start, and the value, the value we can create by mitigating this sexual damage is on the order of billions and billions of dollars.

We're going to continue progressing through our business plan whether we get investment now or in a few years. We've raised five to ten thousand a month from our website alone, but a cash infusion would vastly accelerate our progress and vastly benefit the investor by being an early partner in what truly is the next sexual revolution after the birth control pill.

Now this is truly history-shaping work and for the investor who is as forward seeing as us, who is as bold as us, who not only challenges the status quo, but sets the new one with us. I encourage you to come talk to us because we have a solid solid core team and a huge network of supporters and collaborators, and we're ready to get to work full time on developing the next medical blockbuster once we have the resources to do so which is just the natural penis.






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