Eric Clopper
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Eric Clopper
Draper University
March 2, 2016
San Mateo

Clopper Pitches Foregen at Draper University, Places #4

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Eric Clopper:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Eric Clopper of Foregen.

Now, has any one of you here, and don't feel compelled to raise your hands, ever had any type of sexual trouble in your life?

No, of course none of us men here have, but if you know someone who has, it very well may not be their fault. See, I know for a fact that over 100 million American men are suffering from significant sensory mechanical penile deficits because they don't have this. Which is the male foreskin.

See, the foreskin is huge, comprising 15 square inches of the penis. It's where most of the sexual pleasure comes from as well as a whole bunch of other great functions that are integral to our sexuality, which is why it has evolved to be part of our reproductive organ.

Now what my team of fellow visionaries, tissue engineers, physicians, and other professionals are working on is to bring the latest advances in the field of regenerative medicine and bring those to the mainstream by using stem cells to regenerate the foreskin and restore the penis to its naturally larger, more pleasurable, and better functioning state.

Now we know men want their foreskin back as they should. We've already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for zero equity just to get us started with research. And yes, this is a racy topic, but that works to our advantage. Last year alone, we've been covered by some of the world's top news publications and right now we're working on a major documentary with A-list actor, Alan Cumming, called Pigs Without Blankets. We thought it was kind of funny.

In mid-2016 we're looking to raise $1 million to continue progressing through our phases to reach market.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Foregen is more than just a regenerative medicine company introducing the next generation of Viagara. We are ushering in an entirely new era of healthcare and era dominated by regenerative and stem cell medicine. Now if you'd like to be part of this force of nature, I encourage you to come talk to me, shoot me an email, and I'd love to discuss the company and opportunities for future investment.

Thank you.


Any questions?

Tim Draper:

So I've asked this before, but the world thinks that the foreskin somehow creates a more likely outcome of cancer and give us the history of that and why we all believe that and why you believe something different.

Eric Clopper:

And so that's an excellent question. Does it cause penile cancer and whatnot?

So the world, the US thinks that it causes cancer and there are certain liability reasons as well as financial and psychological religious implications to that. But the rest of the developed world has actually not only disagreed but condemned the US calling, us failures and embarrassments, strong rhetoric from governmental bodies condemning us for nonconsensual genital cutting. So it is, the penile cancer argument. Yes, you can mastectomize females as infants and they wouldn't get breast cancer, but there are other health implications such as loss of function and pleasure, which I touched on earlier.

Potential Investor:

So I noticed that you have an HDE. So this is relatively orphan disease status. Why not just use the same technology and same development pathway and go after something larger like burns or dermatology, or reconstructive surgery?

Eric Clopper:

For example, for burns, so our lead researchers are actually lead skin regenerators, and we're fairly advanced in terms of burn, treating burn victims. But this is the only body part that hundreds of millions of people are missing through no choice of their own, which confers enormous value to the owner. So this is the way we can democratize regenerative medicine by bringing it to the mainstream. But this therapy has yet to exist, although we are adapting latest advances in the field to restore genital integrity, so to speak.

Great, question. Thank you.






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